Step by Step : My CPU/GPU Fights CORONAvirus (project id: 11751) Folding@Home

Step 1 : Download 'Folding@Home' Software and Install
Official Link :

Step 2 : Start your Fah Client (that installed software)
Step 3 : It will ask for connection activity, allow it.
Step 4 : Give your Name or remain Anonymous. (it's your choice)

Step 5 : Select Power 'Light, Medium or Full'. Remember 'Full power' will make your cpu/gpu very hot. If enough cooling fan are not available in casing and system, then do not choose it.

'Light' power do not make cpu/gpu so hot. 'Medium' power too makes gpu/cpu HOT. So.

NOTICE in image below, my GPU NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti is working on project id 11751, which is related to Coronavirus Project, Covid 19 Project.

Also, notice in image below (taken earlier). MY CPU is also working on for Next project with id 14182, which is related to Cancer Virus.