Sony PXW X70 Video Camera | Price in Nepal

Depending upon latest market & camera upgrade features together with specifications, price might be different than mentioned here. The Sony PXW-X70 is a compact professional video camera designed for a wide range of applications, including documentary filmmaking, broadcast, events, and corporate video production. About sensor and lens you can check seller's site or camera vendor directly. 

Some of the features are wifi, dual sdcard slots, nd filters.

Average price in Nepal is : Nrs.210000 to Nrs.225000

(Video below) This camera mentioned here cannot shoot in 4k. Max we can go is upto 1080. To shoot in 4k, their 4k version of this same camera is avaliable.

These are just some of the key features of the Sony PXW-X70. The camera offers a good balance of portability, image quality, and professional features, making it a popular choice for a wide range of videography applications.

Sony PXW X70 Video Camera | Price in Nepal